Some Futuristic Scale Models That Might Leave You in Awe!

For the last few months, the field of 3D printing has been progressing as fast as lightening! We are being bombarded with new technology printers and awe inspiring ways of three dimensional printing. People from all over the world are getting obsessed to get the 3d model prototype of their choice and the manufacturers are coming up with new ways to inculcate new printing and prototyping techniques.

As the competition is getting tougher, various manufacturers have already come up with some amazing scale models. Have a glimpse at some of them:

Go to Las Vegas for cheap:

The phrase “What happens is Vegas, stays in Vegas” might change it seems! As the alternative to the casinos have been found by printing a gaming town, the travelers will be able to enjoy Vegas rooms, food, drinks etc. at cheap prices without going to Vegas. Isn’t that fascinating? This scale model of Las Vegas if made could make things quite interesting. Wait for the unbelievable!

iPhone Print Model:

Those days are not far when you will be able to say “Hello” to your friends by using a prototype of iPhone! Though this smart phone developed by Apple has its secret crafting strategy, it would be really beneficial if the companies can adapt to this model by using unique software. If the business giant wants to keep its technology unique, it also might partner with the printing companies to produce a cheaper make.

Print Android Technology:

How can android be left behind? It is a very well-known fact that Google’s Android OS has become successful. As they provide the software for free, it wouldn’t be a surprise if companies start printing the models of hardware needed for Android operating system. Even if Google partners with the companies offering 3D model printing, it might be able to get great traffic on its website!

In some years, you might be able discover the above scale models implemented by the printing manufacturers. So which is your favorite out of the above? Let us know your opinion here!

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