Touchable Memories: Printing Done in 3D to Help The Visually Challenged!

These days, it is quite common to find 3d printed objects. Needless to say, it has also contributed a lot to the field of medicine lending out a hand of goodwill. Right from 3D printed organs to prosthetics, printing in 3D is making every concept a possibility.


Touchable Memories: A boon for the blind

A firm named Pirate3D has made a printer which prints objects that help people with eyesight problems. Buccaneer, also known as the world’s friendliest printer, aids the visually challenged and the people who suffer from conditions loke Glaucoma. The project ‘Touchable Memories’ transforms the life of blind by making them see the memories of past in their mind. And the best part is that these memories can live forever.


Creating tangible memories

Memories that can be touched! Now that sounds like a tough job to accomplish! But thanks to the technology that enables printing in 3D, it is possible to print the pictures from childhood and make a precise memory alive. By printing these ideas, the virtually impaired are able to visualize any memory in their mind’s eye. This printing gives meaning to the lives of many visually challenged beings and brings a smile on their face.

Maker speaks

The maker of this printer said in one of his statements that “Technology is just a tool, people give it a purpose.” If you look at the video of this innovation, you will find several people describing their moments lived by and how it touched their hearts.

If you have one such beautiful memory to give to someone who has turned blind, don’t think twice before gifting a 3D printed memory to him/her!

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