iSense 3D scanner


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Product Description

Discover the power of mobile 3D scanning on your iPad, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 or iPad mini with the new iSense. Its integrated design makes it easy to capture every dimension of your favorite moments on your iPad. Scan your family and friends, everyday events and adventures, all on your iPad, all in 3D.


Supported operating systems
iOS 7 or later

Scan volume
Min: 0.2m x 0.2m x 0.2m
Max: 3m x 3m x 3m

4.7(w) x 1.14(h) x 1.1(d) inches
11.92(w) x 2.9(h) x 2.79(d) cm


Operating range
Min: 0.40m
Max: 3.5m

99.2 grams

Depth image size
VGA (640 x 480)


Field of view
Horizontal: 58°
Vertical: 45°

Spatial x/y resolution @ 0.5m

Depth resolution @ 0.5m


Operating temperature

0-35° C

Maximal image throughput

30 fps

Color image size

QVGA (320 x 240)


Battery life
3-4 hours of active scanning; 1000+ hours of standby

Supported devices

iPad Air, iPad 4th generation or iPad mini Retina

1 year



Additional Information

iSense Variations

iSense for iPhone 6 (Volcanic Rock Case Included), iSense for iPhone 6 Plus (Volcanic Rock Case included), iSense for iPad 4th generation (bracket included), iSense for iPad Air (bracket included), iSense for iPad Air 2 (bracket included), iSense for iPad mini 2 (bracket included), iSense bracket for iPad 4th generation, iSense bracket for iPad Air, iSense bracket for iPad mini 2

Pick a Power Adapter

Power adapter, US, Power adapter, US to EU, Power adapter, US to IT (Italy), Power adapter, US to CH (Switzerland), Power adapter, US to UK, Power adapter, US to CN (China)


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