A unique prototype comes into being when there is a perfect mélange of a concept and realism. Whether you have scribbled your idea in your tiny notepad or have designed it in software, 1Click3DPrint is the right company to print it! So what are the services you can expect from our company based out of Miami? Take a look:


Creating Prototypes

There are times when you have an idea but are unsure about implementing it. During such times, all you need to do is to get in touch with our designers and they will be more than happy to assist you with your creation! The designers at 1Click3DPrint are quite experienced and are acquainted with the utility of CAD software. Moreover, they have the perfect know how for prototyping the designs of our coming from many different domains.

After the model is created using our software and the client gives his consent, we print it by using some ground-breaking technologies. If you are a business owner in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or anywhere worldwide and are seeking a reliable resource for 3d printing, 1Click3DPrint is what you are looking for!


Employing excellent materials

We print prototypes of our clients by using materials that have superior quality and allow for fine feature creation. This makes it quite easy for us when it comes to building scale models with complicated features. Our printers combine photo polymers and print the design with properties according to the client’s requirements.


Some prototypes created by us are made up of materials having multiple properties. Moreover, they are robust, attractive and durable. Can there be a better reason as to why our clients in South Florida prefer us?


Using fifth-generation technologies:

Printing a 3D design is not everyone’s cup of tea. It asks for an extensive knowledge of CAD software and printing technologies. 1Click3DPrint employs rapid prototype methods for creating scale models of different types. Also known as Fused Deposition modeling, it is the most popular and preferred method used for printing prototypes today. But in addition to the most commonly used FDM technologies, we have higher resolution technologies including, MultiJet Printing, PolyJet Printing, MicroSLA, SLA, SLS, DMLS, and ColorJet Printing. And the result, needless to say, is sure to be fantastic!


There’s nothing to stop you now…come and join our maker space and let us help you in the making of your dream!


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